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The LEADS in a Caring Environment Capabilities Framework offers an holistic and practical approach to healthcare leadership.

Developed in 2005 through a partnership between the Health Care Leaders Association of British Columbia, Canada, and Royal Roads University (Dr. Graham Dickson & Dr. Bill Tholl and their teams) it has grown over the past decade to be a national and international leadership framework of choice in the healthcare sector.

More recently, organizations and businesses outside of health care have seen the utility of the framework and started to integrate it into their business areas. 

The framework consists of five leadership domains and  four capabilities within each domain.

  1. Lead Self

    • ​Is Self Aware​

    • Manages Self 

    • Develops Self

    • Demonstrates Character

  2. Engage Others

    • Fosters Development of Others​

    • Contributes to the Creation of a Healthy Organization

    • Communicates Effectively 

    • Builds Effective Teams

  3. Achieve Results

    • Sets Direction​

    • Strategically Aligns Decisions with Vision, Values & Evidence

    • Assess & Evaluates 

  4. Develop Coalitions 

    • Purposefully Builds  Partnerships & Networks to Create Results​

    • Demonstrates a Commitment to Customer Service 

    • Mobilizes Knowledge 

    • Navigates Socio-political Environments 

  5. Systems Transformation

    • Demonstrates Systems/Critical Thinking ​

    • Encourages and Supports Innovation

    • Orients Themselves Strategically To The Future 

    • Champions and Orchestrates Change