Client Stories

Business Success


I had the opportunity to work with Rachel the first time at a very opportunistic time.

Our company was growing by great leaps and bounds in spite of ourselves.

Rachel worked with us so that we could gain a better understanding of how we could work on our business instead of in our business.

We had the opportunity to work on many areas and the most important area was me. I found that I can only lead a great organization if  I learned how to lead myself.

Thanks to Rachel the clarity of this fact was
polished so we could work on many other areas of business leadership and management to continued growth and success.

Leadership Learning


Rachel Foster facilitated a "Leadership Program" for the 40 or so managers that provide service for The Bethany Group's health and housing facilities, as well as our corporate management group.   


Rachel's approach was so appreciated.  The format was easily understood and comprehensive enough for all managers to understand, and learn how to lead with enthusiasm, empathy and understanding.

Today - three plus years later I find these managers still using the skills they learned under Rachel's teaching and guidance.  


A great plus for Rachel Foster is her willingness to stay in contact as time goes on, even years later, she is there to mentor and coach her 'students' through a particular difficult or stressful situation.
Thank You so much Rachel!!