Education & Training For Groups

Over the years of working with all kinds of businesses and organizations I have learned that developing people has huge pay offs.

People want to come to work to do their best, and often employers unknowingly set their people up for performing at less than their best.

Regardless of what type or size of business or organization I have been involved with, there are common topics that have helped them grow and succeed.


Now bundled in a series of classroom sessions where we meet once a month for 4 hours over a period of 9 months, providing an opportunity for group learning and networking as we work on relevant issues and scenarios.




Management & Leadership Training


  • Understanding Personality Diversity

  • Managing Vs. Leading 

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making 

  • Performance Management & Development 

  • Leadership  

  • Strategic & Business Planning 

  • Valuing & Managing Your Time 

  • Managing a Multigenerational Workforce 

  • Managing & Leading Change 

  • Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Coaching Your Team