Legacy Leadership Workshop Details

The Legacy Leadership Best Practice Framework is customized to meet the needs of your organization or program and can be offered as follows:

Option 1: An Introduction to Legacy Leadership

This is an an introduction to the language and way of thinking as a Legacy Leader, and may be useful place to begin your leadership journey.

Total learning time: 7 hours

Delivery: Available Online or on- site


Option 2: Legacy Leadership Series

This series consists of 5 half-day workshops.


Each best practice and the associated competencies are explored the context of your organizational work.

The series is delivered over a 3-6 month timeframe according to your needs.

Total learning time: 20 hours

Delivery: Available Online or on- site

Additional options to enhance learning & integration:

  • Set-up and management of an on-line forum (e.g. NING)

  • Weekly or bi-weekly video -conferencing using the Zoom 

Additional Costs:

  • Travel and accommodation costs based on the most economical means

  • Legacy Leadership educational materials chosen to meet your organizations needs. All materials are provided at cost.