Personality Dimensions is an easy, fun, and inexpensive approach to approaching diversity in the workplace!

We all are motivated and stressed by different drivers and triggers, and using this simple assessment people can quickly understand themselves and others better, in a non-threatening and engaging way, building a common language and appreciation for personal diversity.

The assessment can be completed on-line or old fashioned paper!

A basic 3.5 hour de-briefing workshop is then offered to cover the important points of each Personality Dimension and support participants to be the best version of themselves as a result.

Building on the Basic Foundation

A variety of workshops building on the basic foundational material are available on topics covering Communication, WorkLife Balance, Conflict in the Workplace


Other Options:

Retirement, & Career Dimensions Assessments and workshops are also available   

Assessment Costs:

Online & Paper: $8 (includes shipping/set-up)

Workshop Cost:

3.5 hours: $1000

Additional Costs: Travel & Accommodation