Build A Roadmap For Your Future

Here's the classic problem faced by many business owners and non-profit groups, not being clear about their vision and purpose, which in simple terms means they don't have a planned approach to their business.

One of the best things you can do is set yourself up with a road map so you have focus, and with that in mind decide if the projects you are taking on are the right ones.

Too often we can be like magpies flying after shiny objects!!!

Lured by the dollar signs flashing before us, without considering the pro's and con's can actually derail us.

Building a plan is a simple process, and yet it can still be little overwhelming. So I'd like to share the approach I take with groups, which has proven valuable to many clients.

First, I take a visual approach, drawing things out on huge posters is a great way to map your journey.

Second, consider your 'Why' as author and speaker Simon Sinek says, really get clear about what is driving you.

Third start to map out your values, industry trends, potential challenges, and factors for success.

Next, decide 3 or 4 big steps you will need to take to get you to your vision.

Once you have done this you can build an action plan that is simple, actionable, and measurable.

Finally its time to execute! It's about holding ourselves and our peers, team members accountable and doing what we say we will do.

Remember the vision is not the money, that's a result, and all business and strategic plans need to have operational, client, and team goals as well as financial.

My challenge to you - It's the first month of 2017 - see what you can plan and achieve by July!

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