The Deepest Journey

“The Iroquois Indians say that if we fail to honor “the wishes of the soul” (as opposed to ego agendas), the soul will distance itself from us, leaving us prone to sickness and bad luck, putting us on the road of the walking dead.”

Yesterday I read this and it struck a chord with me and perhaps does with you?

I interpret the Soul to be the deepest part of who we are, that quiet inner voice that so often is stifled, that ‘knowingness’ we all have deep within our inner sanctum.

How many of us can truly say that we are on our Soul journey?

How many of us either know someone, or have someone on our team who is not on their Soul journey?

What would it mean for you, your life, your work, and for those around you, if you honoured that part of you and stepped onto the right path?

What would change? How would you lead? How would you BE differently?

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